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In light of the global challenges we are facing with the Covid-19 pandemic and the effect it is having on democracy, freedom of movement, borders, solidarity and citizenship, as well as the difficulties related to preserving real facts from fake representations, we thought it would be opportune to provide a “Maydan narrative” in this historic moment. This section will feature contributions, photos, reports, or whatever preferred expression, to describe living the pandemic and its effects on issues related to the Maydan mission. Maydan members and others will write from the perspective of where the contributor lives and how he/she and his/her fellow citizens are facing this difficult situation.

Lisa 1
Messages of Domestic Resilience (by lisa ariemma)

Indeed, we are being asked to be good citizens in a moment when our obligations are taking precedence over most of our rights. We are being asked to trust our leaders and our fellow citizens (...)  How much tomorrow will change as a result of the today we are living remains to be seen. All of us, however, are exploding with the excitement of finally being able to move more freely, see our friends and begin to consider the possibilities of how we might spend our summer. Read more...

Maria camp
Covid-19 fears and refugees: in Greece, we have reached our lowest point    (by Maria Peteinaki)

On the 19th of April, a fire erupted at Vial refugee camp in Chios, where more than 5,000 people are currently living in a space intended for around 1,000 only. A 47-year-old woman from Iraq died. Although her Covid-19 test was negative, there were rumors that she had died from the virus, and that erupted into a protest which degenerated into a fire ripping through the camp, and rendering up to hundreds of people homeless. Read more...


Corona virus 3
Covid-19 and its pedagogy of democracy                                                         (by Lidia Lo Schiavo and Gianluca Solera)

The Coronavirus pandemic is shaking the roots of democracy. Whomever one talks to about the impact of the virus on political systems, s/he would most probably reply by pointing out the many risks that the current global health emergency has made evident. And it would be difficult to disagree, if we look at recent developments. Viktor Orbán has used this momentum to obtain full powers for an indefinite time Read more...