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Floating Voices Winners


The first edition of the Floating Voices creative arts contest ends with the awarding of the winners in Genoa on 12 and 13 October 2019. The ceremony will take place during the final event of Progetto Mediterranea, a sailing, scientific and cultural expedition that has crossed the entire Mediterranean in the last five years.

Who are the winners?

Here is a brief profile of them:


Akila TCHIER (1994) is a young Algerian writer living in Setif.

First place in the Short Story Category/ Southern Shore with From Tuscany to Cirta (original text in Arabic).


Paula Rodríguez i ESCRIBÀ (1993) was born and raised in Barcelona, the city that is forever dragging itself towards increased gentrification and speculative housing practices. With a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University and a Master in International Relations at the University of Ljubljana, she has worked on research regarding the influence of collective bargaining processes on the gender pay gap in Spain, and the management of European projects. She did her European Voluntary Service in Jordan, worked at the University for Peace in Costa Rica as well as with the Catalan Culture Ministry most recently. Author of an unfinished draft, she is particularly interested in exploring identity questions and engaging with historic dialogues in our modern society.

First place in the Short Story Category/ Northern Shore with Beware of the seas which host no monsters, for neither do they hold dreams (original text in English).

ilham zenid photo 1

Ilham ZENID (1989) is a Moroccan writer. She has been teaching Arabic in secondary schools for about seven years and has a Bachelor degree in Arabic Studies as well as a professional degree in Journalism. She is currently pursuing a Master in Language and Literature in Southern Morocco. She has received several national, international and Arab awards, including: the “El Sharjah Prize for Literary Creativity” in the novel category for her first novel “Smells”, in the United Arab Emirates; second prize in the 11th edition of the "A Sea of Words" literary contest, organised by IEMed and the Anna Lindh Foundation, for her short story “Dancing with the past“, in Spain. 

Second place in the Short Story Category/ Southern Shore with La Fiesta (original text in Arabic).

(No second place in the Short Story Category/ Northern Shore)


Mohamed HASSAN YEHYA (1993) is an Egyptian writer and film director. He completed a BA in Drama and Criticism at Helwan University in 2016. He has received awards twice for his playwriting in the nation-wide contest organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth. He has published some of his short stories online and in print magazines. He recently won a short story contest in a joint project between Radio Monte Carlo and Al-Arabi Magazine, and his story was read on Radio Monte Carlo.

First place in the Poetry Category/ Southern Shore with My Favourite Language (original text in Arabic).


Ana Catarina MILHAZES (1990) was born in the north of Portugal. She has now returned to Porto after living in Morocco and Guinea Bissau. She works in the education and culture fields and, in her free time, she sometimes writes.

First place in the Poetry Category/ Northern Shore with Getting Ashore (original text in English).

Soukaina Habiballah's pic 1 (1)

Soukaina HABIBALLAH (1989) has published four poetry collections and one novel, “The Barracks” (2016), with a second novel forthcoming in 2020. She has received many awards including the Buland Al Haidari Prize for Arabic poetry in 2015, and the 2019 Nadine Shames Prize for Arab Screenwriters for her short film “Who Left the Door Open?”. Her poetry has been translated into seven languages (including English).

Second place in the Poetry Category/ Southern Shore with The Fund of the World’s Lost (original text in Arabic).

Maydan Appeal 2019 EN IMAGE 3

Irene BELLOMO (1995) is a young Italian writer living in Florence.

Second place in the Poetry Category/ Northern Shore with The Sea in your Heart (original text in French).

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