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Floating Voices

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Since the previous deadline turned out to be too short for quality submissions, Floating Voices creative arts contest deadline is extended to 22 June, when the Progetto Mediterranea sailing ship will cross from Cadiz to Tangiers on the first day of summer. 


“The Mediterranean has always been the cradle of civilisations for the whole of Europe, and when we defend the concept of two separate and opposing sides we simply ignore a millenary history at our peril. The Mediterranean has given birth to languages, religions, philosophical systems and scientific disciplines which have nurtured the civilisations developed in the region over the course of history. It is a crossroads, where for millennia everything has merged and enriched:  people, animals, goods, ships, ideas, religions, lifestyles, and even plant life” (from the Appeal "Embracing the Mediterranean means saving Europe")

 “In this last decade, new social movements have emerged in the Euro-Mediterranean area and young people have been the foundation of those movements, who represent the real source of hope  for a “Free and United Mediterranean”. By giving youth a voice to explain their dreams, aspirations and experiences through prose, poetry and video, and sharing those voices across the region, they can help us build the legacy Europe and the Mediterranean deserve today, so that – together – they can step onto the world stage once more as a beacon of enlightenment, humanism, hospitality and progress” (Lisa Ariemma and Gianluca Solera, Maydan co-presidents)


Are you a young creative writer, poet or video-maker? Do you dream about getting your work published or viewed and contributing to building shared identities around the Mediterranean?
Participate in the Floating Voices creative arts contest, organised by the Maydan Association as part of our “European Elections: Embracing the Mediterranean Means Saving Europe” Appeal campaign!


NARRATIVES ABOUT OUR COMMON DESTINY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN is the theme of the contest, which has been chosen aiming at:

  • Promoting knowledge of the socio-political, cultural and economic complexities of the Mediterranean and neighbouring countries, and
  • Strengthening relationships and sharing dreams among young citizens on both shores of the Mediterranean and beyond.


CONDITIONS for participation in the call are:

  • People aged 16 to 30 on the date of the deadline for submission of texts.
  • The stories must take inspiration from the "European Elections: Embracing the Mediterranean means Saving Europe” Appeal
  • The stories must be in one of the languages spoken in the Mediterranean region. In case the story is in another language than Arabic, English, French or Italian, a brief summary in one of the four languages indicated will be required; likewise, video clips should be subtitled in one of these four languages. Also cartoon videos or mute videos are admitted.
  • Only one submission per person will be accepted.
  • Prose stories must not exceed 2,500 words, poems no more than 1,000 words and video clips no more than 3 minutes.



Stories & poems must be sent in Word format & video clips in one of the following formats [MP4; AVI; MOV; FLV; WMV] to the address: media@maydan-association.org. The message must include the title of the story together with the author's personal details: name, telephone number, postal address, e-mail and date of birth.

DEADLINE:  22 June 2019 is the new deadline for submission of original works in the languages indicated.

WINNERS:  An international jury will examine the works, and select six winners:

a) Two prose submissions – one from the north shore and one from the south,

b) Two poetry submissions – one from the north shore and one from the south, and

c) Two video clips – one from the north shore and one from the south.

During this selection process, the jury will take into account the narrative quality of the stories, poems and video clips; the age of the author; and how the experiences/situations recounted relate to the theme of a common destiny between the Mediterranean and Europe.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The works of all contest participants will “travel” with the Progetto Mediterranea sailing expedition, which will depart from Lisbon on 8 June 2019, and be shared across the Mediterranean aboard ship.  Winners will be announced en route.

AWARDS:  Winners will be participating in a study-visit to a partner organisation in the Euro-Mediterranean space. A monetary equivalent of 500€ will be offered to winners in case of impossibility to travel.

On 12 October 2019, an awards ceremony will take place in Genoa at the conclusion of the Progetto Mediterranea sail around the Mediterranean. Feedback on the Floating Voices stories, poems and videos gathered during the sailing trip will be communicated to the winners.


As part of the Appeal campaign, Floating Voices is an initiative supported by a pool of organizations, including: Maydan Association; Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform (NL); National Museums of World Culture (SW); Efsyn Newspaper (GR); Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (SRB); Tadamon: The Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council (EGY); IEMED (ES), Jocs de Pau (ES); Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilizations (ALB); Progetto Mediterranea (IT); and Institut Méditerranéen démocratique pour le développement et la formation (MOR).