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The history of the logo



Encapsulating the aspirations, history and point of view of an organisation like “MAYDAN” in a single image was not easy. It involved a long and intense conceptual and creative process, made possible thanks to the contributions of various voices and the skilled professional support of our technical/digital partner organisation: “ComunicaSociale”.


It all began with the launch of the “Pre-Manifesto for Mediterranean Citizenship” at the 2017 SabirFest where Syrian illustrator Diala Brisly offered up her drawing for that event. The illustration depicts a boy painting a small sailing ship navigating on a brightly lit but rough sea, with a large wave that seems to accompany it but could also overtake it. The ship and wave are surrounded by sea and sky creatures and a hot-air balloon.


We moved forward from the dreams and apprehensions of the boy and his caravel painting with its colours and round forms. The image was, therefore, re-elaborated maintaining the originality and complexity of the illustration while, at the same time, preserving the meanings even if in a simpler rendering, both from a size and functional perspective. Different versions were created taking inspiration from the message and realities of “Mediterranean citizenship” with a wave to represent the sea and a ship which symbolises civilisations and the human community in motion; the background indicates a welcoming space, but also a place intended for material and immaterial exchanges as well as for social and political dialectic, that is the “square” (maydan). A circular background harks back as much to the moon as the sun and also a safe haven.

What are the cardinal points of the Maydan logo therefore?

The sea, the earth, the sailing ship and the wave. The ship navigates a sea that is the colour of the earth under a sky that is the colour of the sea because the Mediterranean is, first and foremost, circularity and reflection. The spiral curve of the wave is beauty but also a test; it recalls the idea of the square, as well as the challenges that the Mediterranean places before us.

The two main colours used in the logo represent the dialogue between shores, between Norths and Souths. The sky lights everything up with its intense tone: it is a deep blue, of a marine and celestial deepness ( C95 M60 K40 Y15). The sea takes on an improbable contrasting colour: a reddish orange (C0 M80 K95 Y0) that aims to recall the earth and its products (the oranges of Sicily and the mangoes of the Nile), but also the deaths occurring in the Mediterranean.

Through the logo, we express our commitment to making the Mediterranean return to being a sea for exchange, for life and diversity and not death, without negating the current worrying status of matters on the sea, which the Maydan Association is actively and decisively opposing. We work for rendering it a sea where peoples may construct a shared and common future in a climate of dialogue and peace, while preserving the cultural and biological wealth of the region.

Blu: C95 M60 K40 Y15

Arancio: C0 M80 K95 Y0

Font: Merienda bold